On being a bush-runner

Yep, that’s me.  I’m a bush runner.  Trail running is the thing to do apparently, but long before I knew about trail running I knew about bush walking.  It seems to me that trail runners run on bush walking tracks so when I run in the bush on a track I would have to be bush running.  That would be logical me thinks.

Saturday saw Pauly and I off to the world-renown and heritage listed Cradle Mountain.  It’s in our backyard pretty much; it’s an hour and a half away (it would be less if the floods hadn’t knocked out a few bridges).  It was a special weekend in that all my children, one son-in-law and a boyfriend were home from interstate.  Three of the visiting offspring wanted to go for a walk at Cradle so Pauly and I used it as an excuse to go for a bit of a bush run.  We ran from Dove Lake up to Kitchen Hut and return.

World famous Cradle Mountain with Dove Lake in the foreground.





Some parts are nice and easy-going.  Some are not.



We ran all the way to Kitchen Hut (10kms return).  Kitchen Hut was built in the early 1900s and is at the base of the Cradle Mountain summit track.  It was built to shelter walkers should extreme weather descend.  I’ve been at Kitchen Hut when there’s been snow all the way up to the middle of the top door.  This is a rugged wild place that demands respect.  Leaving Dove Lake to do any of the walks no matter how small without adequate gear is foolhardy to say the least.  We were blessed with a wonderful day but we were equipped with thermal and water proof layers.  I think of Cradle Mountain as the roof of Tasmania.  It’s a special place.


16865052_10154564326773020_2643915594001871271_nA quick pause and we were off running back.


16998683_10154564326838020_6108192137442891939_n 16997985_10154564326628020_8576797510976498365_nNot long after we went past Marion’s Lookout we came upon the offspring strolling back to Dove Lake.  Wait Mum! yelled Blondie Daughter #1.  I was going to keep running (the down hills are the best part after all).  She held up her left hand to show a dazzling diamond.  I couldn’t believe it!  Another baby engaged and we really quite like her young man (lucky I had him included in the family photos of the last wedding, call me a Girl Guide:  one family photo with him in and one without…yeah I know, I’m terrible.  Terrible, but practical and a bit of a stirrer!)


Champagne at the Lodge before the drive home.
Champagne at the Lodge before the drive home.
Surprising my parents who came for dinner that night.
Surprising my parents who came for dinner that night (yes that is the rugby in the background, Pauly never misses a game no matter what’s happening).

But back to the run!  It was great.  We loved it, Pauly and I.  The thing I love about bush running is that due to the terrain there are times when walking is ok.  There are moments of zoom.   Moments of slow and steady.  Moments of stop and wonder at the wilderness all around.  No cars.  No streets.  Few on lookers to see.  Just running, walking, friends and time out.

Call me a bush runner.  Trail running is just way too trendy and fashionable for this Unsporty Woman.

So far since the dreaded knee injury back in September I’ve discovered two loves that I may never have found.  I’ve discovered bush running and triathlon.  While the dark times of rehab were darker than dark, the light that’s followed has opened up so many wonderful opportunities and I am grateful.

Oh and on Sunday we did another Super Sprint Triathlon.

We were a bit tired.
We were a bit tired.

But we won the male and female Masters medals.

But we won the male and female Masters medals (it was a very small field).  I had a PB of pretty much 2 minutes on the George Town course and Pauly of about 3 minutes.  Thanks to the lovely Janette and Bruce for surprising us with our medals on Monday night (we couldn’t stay for the presentations after the Tri on Sunday).  And let’s face it, without these two we never would have discovered triathlon in the first place.  Thank you seems so inadequate.

I hope that when anyone sees me with a Triathlon Medal that they say to themselves:

Oh my goodness, if that  Unsporty Woman can do Triathlon and win a medal, there is nothing stopping me from having go!

Do it!  What are you waiting for?

Happy running 🙂


23 thoughts on “On being a bush-runner

  1. What a wonderful post. What a stunning place Cradle Mountain is and what a stunning place to get engaged! ( ahd the plesure to visit just once.) Great photos and a wonderful to Call to action to us, she says as she takes another sip of wine. AND very clever you – loading the Google map and elevation chart. I desperately want to to teach myself how to do that. You are 100% correct on the bush running I think. I need to priortise reading more of your posts, they just might sput me into actonagain. 🙂 Louise

  2. What a beautiful vista for a run, walk, hike, … anything! That scramble up the rocks looks a bit challenging for the typical trail run 🙂
    The shovel on the side of the Kitchen Hut by the upper doors is testament to the amount of snow this area receives!!

    Congrats to the newly engaged couple and the happy parents ❤

  3. How exciting Annie, another engagement!!!
    Sounds like such a fun time!!

    And congrats on your medal, you are really kicking goals!! 2017 is your year for sure!!!

    Love the pics, Crafle mountain is so pretty 🙂

    Happy running!!!

  4. Congratulations!!! On the soon to be son in law & on the medal!!! I’ve yet to make it to Cradle Mountain – next time!! Looks so beautiful!!! I’m only just starting on the bush running – requires a tad more co-ordination than the road!!!!

    I have been thinking about trying a Tri for a while – I’m committed to quite a few things already this year but I can hear Warrnambool’s Sufferfest in January 2018 calling my name!!! You are definitely inspiring me!!!

  5. What a post Annie! Congrats on the engagement. Loved seeing that on Facebook as well as the win in the triathlon. I don’t think there is anything the two of you can’t do.

  6. I am just discovering the new challenges of trail running and like the relaxed feeling of enjoying the run not just clocking up the kms or the pace.

    Congratulations again to the young couple, it is very rewarding to us as parents to see our children happy and content, x

  7. This has bought back 40+ year old memories of a wonderful month in Tassie, including bushwalking around Cradle Mountain. I wasn’t a runner then, but boy, would I love to be trail running around there now. Maybe when my numbers come up, I’ll be back! And congratulations on your tri success as well; great to read of a running injury having a silver lining and actually opening up new opportunities. x

  8. Congrats on everything that happened over that weekend Annie! Your enthusiasm and delight is much needed at times. Your photos look great and I have walked some of that area but not sure how I’d go with running parts of it! Fantastic to see you striving ever onward!

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