Never Again…but I did

Coles Bay Triathlon is the only Half Ironman event in Tasmania.  Last year I put my hand up and ran in a team.  21.1kms of hot exhausting running.  It was tough.  I said never again.  This year I was all set to go and be in the cheer squad for Bruce who was doing his first Half Ironman and for Pauly who was doing his first Sprint distance triathlon.  Definitely no running for me!

ring…ring…  ring…ring…  ring…ring…

Hello, Annie speaking.  Oh hello David.  Yes. You need a runner?  21.kms?  Sure, I can do that.

And just like that I was back running in a team for the Half Ironman.  It was hot.  I honestly thought I would DNF.  I felt sick and over heated.  As I came up from the beach for the first time I saw Pauly who was long finished.  I’m not coping Pauly.  It’s so hot.  The sand is so soft.  I don’t think I can do this, I said.  Try another lap, he said.  Grind it out.  I sighed and said OK!

In lala land pre start
Four laps of this

Lots of cheering from Janette and others out on the course got me through, that and sheer will power.  I plastered my I can do this smile on my face and thought about the positives:

  • Beautiful scenery
  • Friendly encouraging people
  • I am running, running is a gift
  • Gorgeous, buff, athletic, half-naked men offering to throw cold water over me

As for my last point all I could think of was I must be a hot looking woman because all these cute guys want to cool me down!  Seriously ladies, enter a triathlon and run in a team.  Eye candy abounds!  I might need another cup of cold water over my head right now just thinking about the gorgeous, shirtless volunteers on the course!

And thinking of eye candy, how did Pauly and Bruce go in their events?  I know you are wondering.

Pre swim

Pauly did his first Sprint Triathlon (500m swim, 20km ride and 5km run) extremely well.  He took about 6 minutes for the swim!  (That doesn’t include transition).  Over all his time was 1:18:44.

As for Bruce, he aced the Half Ironman!  After coping with injuries for the last few years as well as having to change a bike wheel half way through his ride (thank goodness Pauly didn’t take the bike he used back to the holiday house), Bruce finished well and strong in 6:04:08.  I have never seen Bruce smile so much as he did at the finish!  I laboured with just the run part of this event and he’d already done a swim and a ride before he started running.  It was a tough and long day out there for those doing the whole Half Ironman.  They are all superstars but none more so than our mate Bruce!  The distances for a Half Ironman are a 1.9km swim, 90km ride and a 21.1km run.

I might not get the chance to have gold fish brain about the Coles Bay Triathlon again.  After seven years the organisers have decided it’s time to have a break.  At this stage there isn’t anyone wanting to take over.  It’s been organised by a group of young families who have other commitments now that their children are growing up.  I fully understand their decision but hope that another group will take up the challenge.

Views of Wineglass Bay

Hazards Beach

We had a wonderful weekend.  On the Sunday Pauly and I donned our bush running/walking shoes and gaiters and did an 11km circuit in the Freycinet National Park (some wunning and some ralking).  It’s weekends like this that make life sweet and we have been blessed to have a few of them lately.  While life at work and on the farm continue to throw challenges that at times feel like they will bring us down, I am reminded of how I felt a quarter of the way into the run on Saturday.  Sometimes we just have to grind it out.  Don’t think of the whole enormous distance, cut it back into bite sized pieces and before we know it we’re half way there, then there’s only a quarter of the way to go and finally the finish line nears and over that line we go.  Think positive.  Just try and keep on trying.  Grinding it out isn’t pretty, but gets us there eventually.  My run time on Saturday was 2:27:36.

Happy running 🙂

19 thoughts on “Never Again…but I did

  1. OH ANNIE! that is just beautiful! you guys never cease to amaze me… such an inspiration…. that scenery is just to ‘die for’ I’m going back to gawk at the pic… stunning! and WELL DONE ALL!!!!

  2. Wow, that’s great to hear! You aren’t a quitter and the grind it out sounds very familiar! I also use the terms wunning and ralking in my head when I’m out there – how funny ! 🙂

  3. Awesome work from both of you, such a great result on a hot hard day!!
    What a beautiful place for it, I was disappointed to hear that this may be last one there, although I do know there are some interested people in maybe taking it over!

  4. Congratulations Annie. Grinding it out on a hot, uncomfortable day takes a huge amount of courage and mental strength. Add in a 4-loop course where there are ample opportunities to bail out, and you’ve clearly demonstrated your mettle. AWESOME!!

  5. Beautiful location!! Did you have to run up or down the steps to wineglass bay as part of the course??? That would be HARD!!!!! Well done on the run & to all your com-padre’s on their efforts!

  6. Good for you Annie. This must have been the race that you did just after we visited last year. The timing seems right. The thought of running in the heat and sand makes me want to cry. Well done my friend and congrats top Pauly and Bruce!

  7. Amazing well done. I have just started blogging on triathlons. I did my first sprint at the weekend and now I’m hooked on it

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