A wrap and a break

A wrap

Triathlon season number one is a wrap.  All up this Unsporty Woman participated in seven baby triathlons or Super Sprints as they are more accurately know this spring/summer 2016-17 season.  The swim distance is between 375 and 200m, cycle distance 10kms and run between 2kms and 3kms.

Pauly completed five including a Sprint Distance Triathlon (500m swim, 20km cycle and 5km run).  A couple of other Quackers also took to the water, cycle and run and proved that they too have triathlons in them – go Louise and Janette.

Triathlon was completely outside my comfort zone.  I’ve stressed about drowning and sharks, about crashing and cramping on the bike and about getting my wet suit off.  All that stressing wasn’t necessary.  While I did struggle with the wet suit removal all the other stressing was completely unnecessary.  And not only that I was fastest old lady on two occasions (let’s not say how large the field was – small, it was small, tiny, puny!).

Genuine place medals! Who ever would’ve thought that could happen???

The Devonport Triathlon was the final triathlon for us this season.  It was my first one swimming at a beach.  It was a little rougher than what I’ve experienced before but all up it was ok.  The ride was four laps.  This was a little worrying because I’m not good at hair-pin bends and we had to turn a total of seven times.

Looking back I’m content with how things went with my first triathlon season. Not using a GPS means that swimming, cycling and running are done according to feel.  I’ve looked at the results and have become a little faster but this I think is due to getting faster at transition rather than anything else!  My confidence and enjoyment has grown.

At the Devonport Tri I was pleased to see Sam competing in the Olympic distance event.  She is totally inspirational with how she approaches triathlon. Despite set backs with injury she just keeps on going.  Never giving up.  Debbie was also there doing her first triathlon in the baby one too.  She smoked it and was long finished before I waddled over the line.

First Triathlon season?  It’s a wrap.  A happy wrap of looking back at something I didn’t think I would be able to do and finding that I can;  and not only can I triathlon but it’s fun!  Here are some happy snaps thanks to my Mum and Dad who were cheer squad.

A break

What’s this break?  I’m taking a break from blogging for now.  For the first time in months we have a clear calendar with nothing except Launceston Running Club runs until The Great Ocean Road Marathon in May.  With all the comings and goings of farm life and things being up in the air, I’m going to take a little down time to concentrate on a few tasks that need my full attention.  The Marathon Plan is written and is up on the fridge.  Post-ITB the plan is rather loose, it’s more a guide.  The plan has been constructed to simply get me over the finish line.

Keep on running happily Dear Reader, I’ll be back in May to tell you how we all did at Great Ocean Road.

Happy running 🙂

Thanks Sam for this photo!

21 thoughts on “A wrap and a break

  1. Well done on your results Annie, I’ve been with you every second of the way, cheering you on from afar! I love the quotes and pics in this post, you sum up how to live life very well. Enjoy your break and I look forward to reading your race recap later on in May. Take care and relax. Hugs to you my friend xx

  2. what a great season it has been for you all, an adventurous change in direction. We are signed up for the half at Great Ocean Rd and we must DEFINITELY catch up this time. If you’re off the grid till then I’ll try email.
    Stick to the plan!

  3. I have followed your Tri journey with awe. Truly an inspiration Annie, such a gutsy lady.
    Totally understand the need for a break, but I am so going to MISS you x

  4. I will miss you Annie, but I hope that you have a lovely break and come back in May buzzing with good news. It’s funny how life can change, who would have guessed a year ago that you would have completed a season of triathalon? Sending you love 🤗😘 juliex

  5. Awesome work Annie – you and Paul have both done amazing this season and i can’t wait to see you next season smashing it even more!
    See you out running x

  6. Congratulations on your tri season. I suspect this is just the beginning of what will be a long and happy relationship 🙂
    Hope the rest of your training goes well and you have a great marathon. Best wishes for your running, racing, and farming. I have my fingers crossed that all goes well – exceptionally well ❤

  7. I am so inspired by the way you took on triathalons. Not only did your succcess but your positive attitude in trying something new. Wishing you a well deserved break. Good luck with the marathon and most of all enjoy dear friend. Sending big hugs your way.

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