Fabulous, Fabulous Running

What did you miss most while you recovered from the ITB injury? 

I missed running.  All of it.  Running has become more than just exercise.  It’s my thing.  It forms my identity.  It gives me a reason to meet up with friends, have weekends away, coffees, breakfasts, lunches out.  It keeps me sane and gives time out from worries.  I missed the whole running package.  I missed everything.

The non-runner who asked me this question didn’t fully understand my response and that’s ok.  I know that those in my tribe understand fully and don’t need an answer because they wouldn’t ask the question.  Runners just know.

And here I am back again to tell you about marathon number six.  The Great Ocean Road Marathon, Victoria Australia.

Here are the highlights

  • A fabulous weekend away with The Quackers, Louise, Grant, Janette and Pauly.
  • Beyond fabulous weather especially considering how dreadfully stormy it’d been the week before.
  • A simply fabulous run for all of us!  Louie smoked those hilly 44kms in 4:20:53 and 81st woman overall.  Janette in 4:31:12 and 104th woman.  These ladies know how to run!!!  And me in 5:23:04.
  • Pauly managed to be the last Ultra runner through before the sweeper bus coming in in 6:27:24 for those hilly 60kms.

The best thing for me was being at the marathon start line again.  Back in September when that calf hit me in the knee I didn’t think I’d be lining up at another marathon.  And there I was.  At the start line of The Great Ocean Road 44km marathon event.  I ran all the way to the 30km mark without walk breaks feeling fabulous.  After 30kms I took walk breaks crossing the marathon line in just sub 5:00:00 (a course PB of nearly six minutes).  I then walked the rest of the way.

This is what 60kms of a hilly total elevation of 1100m looks like. The cutoff was 6:30:00.

The Marathon.  It’s a long way.  But then any distance is a long way until we train and manage to run it.  How grateful am I that I was able to make a date, be at the start line and then at the finish line with my mate Marathon? More grateful than I could ever say.

Yes, it’s the whole running package that keeps me lacing up my shoes and running.  Running is my thing.

Happy running 🙂

My results. I’m rather proud of myself 🙂

20 thoughts on “Fabulous, Fabulous Running

  1. Congrats to all of you! Annie your rehab race has been a wonder to watch. Such an inspiration with all of your positive framing. Then of course you turned into a triathlete! Wow!

  2. Congratulations Annie … and to all the Quackers. I’m sure it is very gratifying to look back on all the stress and anxiety around your injury and know that you were successful in spite of it. For that reason alone, this race may taste a little sweeter … and so it should 🙂

  3. Woo hoo, what a fabulous weekend. Yet another Quacker holiday with lots of laughs and giggles….. oh and some running too!!!!! What amazing scenery AND I SAW A KOALA!!!!!!! Looking forward to our next Quacker event…. wherever it may be.

  4. After all the worries over your knee and ITB it was great to hear about GORM and how well you all did! Such a beautiful place to run with your lovely Paul and friends 💕💕

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