Juggling Apps

I’m a Polar fan.  I love my RC3 GPS running watch.  While I was on the blogging break not only did I have a break from blogging but my beloved RC3 had a break too.  It malfunctioned.  The start button wouldn’t work.  The device had been fogging up a bit and I wondered if it wasn’t quite as shower proof as it had been (let’s face it, this watch has done major kms which equals litres of sweat and many rainy runs).

August 2016 – a milestone with my RC3

The malfunction happened as we were setting off for a Friday long run.  As we drove up the driveway I quickly downloaded Runkeeper.  The screen shot below shows what it records.  Pretty awesome for a free app.  And what’s not to love about the different audio options?  The Drill Instructor is my favourite!  He called me the best maggot on the block whenever I picked up the pace a little bit; he had me giggling but the audio could be annoying to other runners so mostly I had it on silent.

With a marathon coming up I wanted something reliable to record my run and I was seriously thinking about not carrying my phone.  Having a phone would be a distraction!  I’d be taking photos here and there and using this an excuse to have a walk.  Janette to the rescue.  She lent her beautiful purple Garmin.  This not only looks good but did exactly what I needed it to do.

But what to do long term?  Through Polar’s web site I made an enquiry about getting my RC3 fixed.  It was a simple procedure to send it away and there was no charge for them to take a look.  In the meantime I browsed new sports watches.  Polar was soon to launch their M430.  It had everything I wanted in a running watch complete with smart notifications and a fitness tracker function.  The people at Polar offered a 20% discount to trade in the RC3.  I simply can’t part with the RC3.  It’s seen me through so many runs.  I’m far from a hoarder but this is something I will never part with.  It’s just too special.  What to do?  I asked for the 20% discount anyway!  And, they gave it to me.  The verdict on fixing the RC3 was that it was going to cost a few dollars.  With a new watch coming I decided not to fix it.  The RC3 was sent back at no charge.  I’m impressed with Polar!

All my data from the RC3 is synced to Polar Personal Trainer.  I love it.  It’s easy to use and the data is great:  maps, heart rate, laps, altitude and pace.  There is considerably more data available but this is as complex as I need it to be.

This is the very first screen shot of Polar Personal Trainer included in a blog post (The Launceston Running Club’s Gut Buster event, April 2013). Since this I’ve turned on laps.

The new Polar M430 however uses Polar Flow.  Ugh.  Now I have running data in Polar Personal Trainer, Garmin, Runkeeper AND just for good measure I’ve had a play with Strava too.  I quite like Strava.  Now what?  I can sync data between the two Polar apps and I can sync Polar Flow with Strava.  Are you still with me?  So many apps all being juggled.

Of course I could use a running diary.  Louie is a fan of this method.

It was good to have a play and experiment with the different apps.  I’m impressed that Runkeeper and Strava are both free to download and provide excellent data both during and post run.  From here on I’m going to be a Polar Flow person syncing to Strava as a back up.

A screen shot from Strava.

Why do I want to keep records of my runs?  I love going back and looking at different events and seeing how far I’ve come.  Pauly was talking with one of his nieces recently; she would like to run a half marathon.  She’s running 5kms comfortably but hasn’t gone any further and doesn’t think she can.  With my running records I can look back at my running data and see those years where I thought I would never run more than 5kms.  But as I flip through the months I see my long runs go from 5kms to 7kms, then to 10kms.  I zoom ahead and there are weekly long runs of between 16 and 20kms; then it starts to climb all the way to marathon distance with my longest runs being 44kms at The Great Ocean Road Marathon.  Any distance seems impossible until we do it.  How do we get there?  Run.  Get out there and run.  Try.  You will never know until you try.  Little bit by little bit if your heart longs to run a bit further you will be able to do it.  If I can, anyone can!

The M430 tells me it’s time to move!

Happy running 🙂

14 thoughts on “Juggling Apps

  1. I have hustled started syncing Garmin with Strava. I like it but have to say I think there is too many stats on there, but I still study it thoroughly after every run!

  2. I have the M400 and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I love the way it syncs, the info etc… JELL of your M430 with the wristband HRM! That must be just FAB! It is my next buy. Hubby had one on order but could wait, so got the V800 and he loves that too!

    ENJOY!!!! HAPPY Miles Annibabes!!!! xxx

  3. I’m hearing ya! I recently lost all my Garmin data on Garmin Connect and was very sad. I liked to look back at those early runs in 2011 and see my progress and milestones. First 5k, 10k, seemed like such enormous milestones. I sorted my problem but only have my Strava history from 2013. I know what I did and how hard it was…If it aint on Strava it didn’t happen!

    • Oh Jo!!!! How disappointing! Blogging helps record stuff too. We work so hard atthis running thing. Those early detailsof PBs and new distances are kust so encouraging to look back on x

  4. There are so many apps to use Annie! I use Run Keeper and my daughters do too, so we keep a track of what everyone is up to. I like the Drill Instructor, he comes up with some interesting ways to motivate me 🙂 I also use my apple watch to keep a track of heart rate and other movement and the two of them talk to each other nicely. My new shoes also have a chip in them which I can activate through Map my runs but I haven’t done it yet as I already have too many things going on. Great post and I’m glad you’re sorted now.

      • Learning new things is supposed to be good for our brain- it might have been unintended but just another way that running keeps you healthy! 😂😂

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