The trouble with time is that we never seem to have enough. But then sometimes we have too much. Time on our hands.  Out of time.  Wasting time.  Spending time.  Making the most of time.  Clock watching.  You can’t buy it.  You can’t negotiate for more.  Once it’s spent it’s gone.

When Pauly and I first started to look into running marathons one of the biggest things that was stressed upon me through reading and through talking to other runners was that it’s important to choose a marathon that we had time to train for.  If life is too stressful or busy then choose another marathon. Choose another time for training that isn’t so busy or stressed.  The trouble for us is that we’re not exactly young.  While I firmly believe in positive aging and staying fit, healthy and active forever no matter how old we are, the fact of the matter is Pauly will turn 60 this year and I’m over 50.  For us it’s run marathons now or perhaps we will run out of time and never run marathons.

This is an old forgotten house on a road near the farm.  It was taken in November 2013.  Fast forward to now and this what the place looks like.  Unloved.  Broken down by time and neglect.  Falling apart.

This is a tree on the same road taken in November 2013.And here is the tree today.  A similar story of aging negatively.  No tending.  No care.  No nothing.  Only wind, rain, sun.  Drought and flood and even snow.

Things tend to fall apart with time especially those things that are not tended and cared for.  Running marathons means that  we have to look after our bodies.  Pauly and I watch what we eat, we aim for good sleep (doesn’t happen anywhere near as much as we’d like it to) and we keep our bodies moving.  Unlike the tree and the building we are not sitting around waiting to fall apart we are being active and doing the things that we love.  All the research points to this reversing or at least limiting the effects of aging.

Photo taken from strengthcoachtherapy on Instagram.

I believe the perfect time to chase a dream is now.  Looking back at our distance running I see worry and stress and uncertainty related to our situation on the farm.  But I also see time laced with finishers medals, great weekends with wonderful people and a sense of achievement like no other.  The stress and worry would still be there but why not decorate it up with some wonderful running bling?  While this was the best decision for us (the only decision) timing for marathon training is crucial and I do understand and acknowledge this.  I read on Julie’s blog recently about falling down seven times and getting up eight.  There is never a right time to start to eat healthy, get into running or to do whatever it is you want to do.  The only right time is now.  Don’t wait for a magical sign or for the 1st of January.  Start today.  Now.

And now that I’ve successfully spent an hour musing over time with the key board and delete button I shall go.  Like sands through the hour-glass please take these musings with grains of salt.

Happy running 🙂

PS this is week one of a ten week plan heading us towards Adelaide Marathon South Australia.  No this isn’t a good time to be training for a marathon for us.  But there is no time like the present.  Here we go again!

18 thoughts on “Time

  1. So with you on the Annie. Maybe its an age thing, but hey I am going to fit as much as I can in, because I am not sure how long I can keep going for! Good luck with yet another marathon, awesome running plans x

  2. Time, and “timing”…. as in the timing of my reading this blog. I am 57 and my husband Larry is just turned 61. We completely subscribe to your whole attitude about aging and taking care of our bodies… and we never sit down. My running has been derailed since April with a right shin thing. I’ve been a gym rat since then and am hoping that the difference in exercising will be overall good for my running. Because I miss it. My best to you and Pauly as you take on your next ten weeks!!!

    • Complete empathy for you Ellen with your shin thing. After a few months off running last year I understand how much we miss our running. I hope all the gyming does the trick and you can get out there soon. More power to you and Larry. Sounds like you two are embracing positive aging in all the right ways. Thanks so much for your comment and for your best wishes, very much appreciated x

  3. I’m with you on this Annie. Life is short and one never knows what tomorrow brings. My guess is you and Pauly will still be making headlines in your 90s on the marathon circuit but just in case best to have lived doing what you wanted to do. Good luck with the training ahead. Xo

    • Oh I hope we will still be out in our lycra when we’re even more grey and wrinkly! Thanks for the lovely comment and your encouragement Sue, especially from someone who to me has left the whole aging thing behind. Perhaps the trick isn’t to age positively but to be ageless like you!

      • You are so sweet Annie. Definitely ageing going on here but finding ways to continue to explore and adventure. I think the key is to keep moving and keep positive. Xo

  4. I too love the photos comparisons of the house and tree Annie. Time is precious and you are using yours wisely and making the most of it. Well done to you both and all the best for your marathon training. Great post 😊

  5. Oh my gosh this has completely spoken to me today. I’m so behind with my blog reading and for some reason your blog, this post, was the one I clicked on in my feedly link. Three friends and I are dilly dallying about regarding our first marathon which we want for 2018. Humming and haa’ing. Will we do it, is it the right time, do we have the right bodies, etc. I’ve just shared your post with them. It’s like this post has been a bolt from the blue for me. Thank you so much.

    • Hello Carol, I’m glad my ramblings hit the spot. I hope you and your friends are able to come to a decision about your first marathon for 2018 that works for all of you. So much to think about with all the training. All the very best to all three of you xxx

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