Flattery and insults – getting to know my new watch

My watch has obviously been to charm school.  It regularly tells me I’m Elite and that I’m improving my speed and aerobic fitness.  Sometimes it tells me I’ve increased my resistance to fatigue.  When I do runs that are longer than any it has spent with me, it gives me a trophy!  It obviously likes me to watch my weight because when I do a session that burns more calories than any other, it gives me a trophy too.  I smile and feel that warm glow of smugness and think Gosh, I LOVE my new watch.  And watch and I feel that happy honeymooner-smitten-ness of a new relationship.

But at times my Polar is Bi-Polar and after giving me a compliment it goes and slaps me with an insult!

21% of sessions without any training benefit?  Really?  How rude!

What about the time out in my running shoes getting some vitamin D?  What about the time spent with running buddies who recharge my batteries through their gift of friendship?  What about all that psychological hippy stuff that’s good for my soul as well as my soles?

What about that Mr Bi-Polar???

I’ve heard of the concept of junk miles but I don’t understand them.  Every km that I spend in running shoes is benefiting me in some way other than just my physical fitness.   So poo poo to non-benefitting sessions.  This is not where I’m at right now.   Training for Marathon number seven is having its ups and downs due to the demands of work, wintry weather and unfortunately a touch of a head cold but I’m still out there doing it and mostly enjoying it too.

Here’s to all our time in running shoes, the runs with benefits, the runs for fun, the runs that hurt like mad and the runs that feel effortless.  Here’s to running because we love it.  Every run is doing me good regardless of what Mr Polar tells me.

Happy running 🙂

14 thoughts on “Flattery and insults – getting to know my new watch

    • I will 🙂 and to up the insults he went and wanted an update on Friday morning so I foolishly clicked yes 15 minutes before heading out the door for a run. The update failed so nothing worked. I learnt a valuable lesson: don’t do updates before a run! It’s all working again now thankfully.

  1. Did you notice that you called your watch ‘it’ until ‘he’ turned nasty and then you referred to ‘him’ as mr!!😆😆

    • I did notice that Julie, I nearly changed it to ‘it’ all the way through but decided to leave it as it was. It’s a funny thing this subliminal assigning of gender. Really ‘it’ should be a ‘she’ because I have the white version which I’m sure is supposed to appeal to us girls.

  2. Haha! On one event I called my Garmin “coach” every time it beeped at me to remind me to eat or drink!

    • They are such sophisticated little bits of technology. It’s not cool to admit that I simply can’t function properly without a GPS, I need to know how far I’ve gone or I feel lost. How’s your training going for the next big event? It can’t be that far away?

  3. I think “running without benefits” should be changed to “recovery run”… everyone knows that recovery is just as important than hard training…

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