Wintry Weather Woes

Here we are in the dead of winter in the southern most state of Australia.  Arrrr Tasmania, you do not disappoint in the winter weather department.  You do those three Fs so Fabulously.  Frost.  Fog.  Freezing-temperatures.  Tick, tick and tick!

It’s been cold.  On Monday my toes remained cold all day.  That’s all day!  Despite a busy agenda and lots of moving around, my toes did not warm up until I removed my long leather boots and wiggled them in front of the fire at the end of the working day.  They were still cold when we got to the gym for an hour of Les Mills Body Pump and CX Worx.

Along with the freezing temperatures that favourite winter thing, the head cold, decided to ramp up its snotty, cotton-woolish ugliness.  I’m pleased to say that as of this weekend I’m pretty much 100% but sickness hasn’t been a happy marathon training ally.

Running and training has happened and on the whole it’s been good.  I think Pauly must’ve been feeling very ill with the head cold because when he finally managed to shake it off he turned into this happy-let’s-go-smiley-running-man.  Huh?  Usually when there is only the two of us with a run at home on the farm he will make every excuse reason why he shouldn’t come with me and I go on my own.  Not so Tuesday night.  I was fully prepared for the You are too sick, you shouldn’t go running conversation from him to me, but no, no such talk.  Rather Excuse Finding Procrastination Man turned into Action Man.  Not only did he immediately put down the coffee plunger he was holding when I walked in the door, but leapt off to get ready for a 5km run!

Notice the attractive thermal and beanie. It was cold! That’s COLD!!!

And what a 5km run we had!  Mud, mud and more muddy mud of the mud variety.  Slipping.  Sliding.  Smelly.  Mud plus cow poo equals stinky.  There was I plodding along trying to avoid the deepest muddy bits and stay upright and there was Pauly all chirpy and happy zooming off taking photos.  There was a role reversal here except that I wasn’t moaning and groaning like Pauly does for the first couple of kms.  I was just happy to be out running and happier that my lungs seemed to be coping ok.

That was Tuesday.

Louie, Pauly and I had our first run together in what felt like ages on Friday.  A lovely 15km run up and around the sunnier higher parts of Deloraine.  The lower parts were still freezing and slippery with ice.

Saturday we were off for a run with the Launceston Running Club.  Due to so much on outside of running we hadn’t made it to LRC in weeks and weeks.  And not only did we run but I managed 2nd place.  The LRC season has handicapped runs from 5km up to half marathon.  This week it was a 5km.

Don’t let that blue sky fool you. It was cold!  My handicap was 5ish minutes.
2nd place hehe

And today.  Sunday.  Today was the Running Group’s Half Margaretathon, 21.1kms named in honour of the first person that our Coach trained for a half marathon.  It was freezing!  Despite the cold it was a lovely run and good to get it done.

Janette organised the aid stations.

Here I am six weeks out from Adelaide Marathon and the training hasn’t been wonderful.  Wintry weather, colds and a calendar that keeps getting stuffed with more tasks hasn’t added up to the best of training so far.  If this was the first marathon I’d be concerned.  With all the training and running and events I’ve learnt to trust my runner’s body and my runner’s mindset.  I know I can do it.  There won’t be a PB, but there will be the most important ingredients:  a start line, a finish line AND a medal!  (Well I hope there will….fingers crossed!).

Happy running 🙂

30 thoughts on “Wintry Weather Woes

  1. I feel your cold weather Annie, we’re the same here. I went out today and got soaking wet, although it wasn’t raining when I started. The mud was delightful!! Take care.

  2. training in the cold is hard but you already have runs in the bank. I read recently that ‘the body knows what to do’ it’s just our minds we need to tame, good running, Jo

  3. oh gosh… i so don’t want that weather back 😦 Its so hard to motivate oneself when its been a good summer! arrrrgh and the mud? ugh! ugh ugh!!!
    You guys look fresh though! 🙂

      1. awwww… should we send it to someone who loves it, for, like EVER? *g* I don’t mind the cold without the wet… its the wet,cold,free, froze, sodden, soggy stuff that REALLY gets me down and the length of time it hangs around up here… like 6-7 months!

      1. Helen (my hiking partner) occasionally makes fun of me because I have this thing about being clean. When my hiking boots get dirty, I show up at the next hike with clean boots again. Apparently *real* hikers and trail runners don’t feel the need to scrub their boots clean 😉
        god, I hate mud!

      2. I’m with you Joanne, having just returned from another muddy run I hosed my shoes and have them in front of the fire drying. At the moment there is always one pair of shoes sitting near the fire. Starting off clean is important even if that makes us not real hikers 🙂

      3. Actually, starting off clean is important to me in everything. It’s a wonder it hasn’t developed into a full-blown neurosis over the years 😉

  4. Thanks for sharing your winter pics annie, sometimes I think that you live in a land of eternal sunshine so I’m quite pleased to see that you have to deal with cow poo too! Like you say, you are an experienced marathoner now,so you know what you can do and I’m sure that you will be fine!

  5. Oh it does look chilly Annie! We are baking in temperatures rarely seen in Calgary. Today a reprieve with some rain. Take good care of yourself and congrats on your second place! Xo

    1. Thanks Sue 🙂 I’m not sure what happened but this comment was in the spam. How could something from some of my favourite bloggers be spam??? WordPress must’ve been having a funny moment xxx

  6. It looks chilly Annie and that mud gives me the shivers. Good for all of you to be out. Best wishes in the final weeks leading up to Adelaide. Now with so much experience under your belt I have no doubt you will do very well. Most of all you have a great attitude about it. Still cheering the ducks on from Canada.

  7. I missed this blog! Oops!
    Well done on the LRC run – that’s awesome! It was also lovely seeing you out and about on your long run…even though now I know you were finished as I was around halfway through lol!
    I love bodypump cxworx double… I do it Fridays! A great way to break up my work day, and I get a chance to stress out in person to coach lol.
    I will be in Adelaide while andrew runs, I will cheer for you loudly, you rock Annie xx

    1. Thanks Georgie 🙂 it was lovely to see you out and about that day and well done on the PB! Les Mills workouts are so good. I try and go Monday and Wednesday at the moment. See you in Adelaide!

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