Country runner at heart

After a weekend spent in the big city celebrating Son #1’s 21st birthday my love of running in the country has grown.  I took my running gear with me but didn’t feel the city running love.  I saw runners and the for the first time there was no running envy.  It looked like hard work with all that people dodging going on.  My running gear went to the city clean and came home to the farm clean.  This is a first!

Here’s to running in the country.  Here’s to celebrating a quiet run where the audience is made up of mountain ducks, eagles and hawks.  Parrots, plovers and cockatoos.  Cows, bulls and feral cats.  Wallabies, possums and a farm worker or two.

How blessed am I to be a Country Runner?

Over the muddy cattle stop.

Past the flooded paddocks with the cloud covered Tiers as the back drop.

There’s a new load of sawdust; calving isn’t far away.

There is the bull paddock.  I want Pauly to call the three young jersey bulls Huey, Dewey and Louie! They have attitude these three. One had a bit to say me to the other day as I was out and about.  I had a bit to say to him and chased him off.  No young bull is going to get the better of this old running girl!

Over the dairy cattle stop and through the mud-soup.

A quick selfie at the top of the driveway.  It’s wet, foggy, cold and rainy.

My favourite running road!

The tide is rising on the Main Drain.

Pauly came to make sure I was ok.  It was getting dark.

Muddy shoes = didn’t let the weather stop me!

For those who are regular readers of the blog here is a little update on our farm.  Nothing has changed.  We continue to live a little with one foot in limbo and the other steadfast on farm soil.  We’ve got used to this and we are choosing to see the good in where we are.  No news is good news.  And how lucky are we to still be here and living this wonderful farming way of life.  Here’s to many more country runs.  Want to join me one day?

Happy running 🙂

Me and Son #1 outside the Catmosphere complete with cat scarf and ginger cat biscuit.

My three babies at the Catmosphere (the Catmosphere is a cat café and we had a great time spending time with the furry felines.

16 thoughts on “Country runner at heart

  1. Great to see your running area Annie!! I’ve been a bit sooky with the rain lately but just realised I’m doing the 6km in Melbourne soon and I thought it was only 5km so I’ve got to get my skates on!! Are you still going to be there running on 30 July? Lovely to see your three babies too.

  2. I remember the slurry trails from my old running routes! I don’t miss them much! I’m glad to are managing to hold on to the farm, you just dont know when things are going to turn around for the better 😘🤗😘

  3. First I have to say how lovely those three babies of yours are. Wonderful to see the photos of them and you with your son. More fun to hang with them then spend time dodging runners for sure. Glad to hear that no new is good news on the farm. We have often thought of you and wondered so thanks for the update. Stay warm and dry and good luck as Adelaide approaches!

    1. Thanks Sue ☺ we have another weekend with all the family together this coming weekend. We can’t wait! Thanks for thinking of us re the farm. We are hoping all will continue to work out x

  4. Thanks for the update on the farm. I too had been thinking about it and wondering how you were doing.
    I don’t recall ever seeing a photo of you with your hair down before this one with your son. I now have serious hair envy! Great photo!

    … but mud? Good god, I hate mud 😉

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