Up against a wall surrounded by curve balls

Run Melbourne weekend seems like a long time ago.

We shopped.

We went to the Engagement Party.

We survived the football.

The aged parents are safely back at home having had a great time.

Since then my oldest friend’s Dad died suddenly (he was diagnosed with cancer and passed away 10 days later).   My most loved Dad-in-Law had a mini-stroke but he seems to be doing ok.  And I’ve had a bit of bad news, which will come right eventually, with a reno project.

Curve balls, curve balls everywhere.

But one thing that shines out of all this is the human spirit.

My friend Karen

Many many years ago I introduced my lovely quiet friend to another dear friend and they got married, I was a bridesmaid.  Through thick and thin they have stood beside each other.  Just last night I learnt that this quiet friend of mine quietly used her nursing skills to nurse her Dad-in-law so he could stay in his home, surrounded by his family and die in peace.

I do truly believe that this friend of mine is one of life’s angels.  She is kind and unassuming.  She has faced hardship and troubles but has stood steadfastly with her family and here she was quietly caring for her Dad-in-Law.  On that day that I introduced her there was no way to know that my dear friend and his family were welcoming such a wonderful young woman who’s kindness and love would make such a difference in their lives from decade to decade.

Life is for living.  Live each day like it’s a gift.  We don’t know the number of our days but we can make each day count.

Once I manage to kick away a few of these curve balls I’ll fill you in on the fun and happiness of our Run Melbourne weekend.  We had a great time!  Another wonderful weekend of making happy memories with the beautiful running tribe who blended into my extended family as if we were linked by blood.  I am surrounded by the most precious women who I am privileged to call friend.

Happy running 🙂

5 thoughts on “Up against a wall surrounded by curve balls

  1. Lovely post Annie. Lovely words chosen about your friend – one of those wonderful quiet unsung hero. Sounds like you are a good friend for her and her husband to have around too, during the curve ball times. Louise

  2. So sorry to hear about the curve balls Annie. Your friend sounds like an angel and how wonderful that you brought her to the family she has now helped so much. Sending hugs and love across the miles.

  3. The curve balls seem to remind us of what is truly important in our lives – the relationships we have with family and friends. I know you will continue to hold them close like you always do ❤

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