Run Melbourne Weekend in Pictures

Friday we arrived, we shopped, we collected our race bibs and we ate at China Town.  Imagine a table full to over flowing with luscious Chinese food with varied levels of chop stick expertise around the table.

Saturday it was Engagement Party Day.  More shopping.  Hair dos.  Then off to the party we went.

The Happy Couple with Pauly and I.

Brown-eyed Daughter #1, the Maid of Honour-to-be, Blondie Daughter #1, the Bride-to-Be and her lovely Bridesmaids-to-be.  The photo hasn’t been taken at a funny angle.  Brown-eyed Daughter #1 is 5’8 and the little blondie on the end is less than 5′.  As for the Bride-to-Be, she had enormous heels on.

The Happy Couple with the GPs, my Mum and Dad.

Janette, Pauly and a few party people.

The Wedding Party-to-be complete with Son #1 in the front.

There are no photos of my speech.  I wrote a Fairy Story and told it complete with Once Upon a Time…right down to and they continued to live happily ever after.  I was proud of my speech even though I was rather nervous when delivering it.  It must’ve been ok because Blondie Daughter #1 and her betrothed have requested the story book I made to go with it to keep.  Awww.

Post Party drinks.  We didn’t think to get a photo of the two of us so two English backpackers kindly obliged.  We got to bed at midnight.

Who’s idea was it to run a half marathon early the next day after my daughter’s Engagement Party?  Oh that’s right the Run was planned and the trip booked then the Happy Couple decided to save us a trip across Bass Strait and have us combine the two.

The alarm went off at 5:15am and I was not feeling bright eyed, bushy tailed or ready to run.

Yep, it was still dark when we arrived at the Runner’s World Magazine VIP tent.  We applied and were given a place.  Wow!  There was coffee, there was breakfast, there were massages, there were smiley encouraging faces  AND best of all, designated portaloos!  Arrrr the relief.  WITH plenty of toilet paper.  I really did feel like a VIP.

All too soon it was time to start running.  Off the Quackers waddled.  No one managed a PB but everyone enjoyed their run and did much better than expected.  All of us had been sick in the few weeks leading up, particularly Louie who had been most unwell.  Considering all that, we did wonderfully.  I was 14 minutes slower than my Run Melbourne PB, but that’s ok.  I enjoyed myself and ran all the way with no walk breaks.

The course is pretty and varied.  There is bountiful support and entertainment along the way.  Any country people looking to do a big city run in Australia, Run Melbourne is the top choice.  It’s well organised and after completing this event three times, I’ve never felt like a number but always been made to feel like a valued participant by every official and volunteer.

Louie and I post run.

Pauly and I.

And look who I found!!!  None other than Wonder Woman Debbie from Deb’s World.  It was so lovely to meet her just before she went out and smashed the 6km event.  Here’s to more meet ups Debbie x

Then it was back to the VIP tent and a little role reversal.  Here is Pauly fetching us delicious morsels.  It’s true to say that we enjoyed it all too much!  No wonder he likes to be waited on. It’s quite nice really.

And here we are being waited on.  Fetch another coffee please Pauly 🙂

Then it was massage time for those brave souls like Janette.

Arrrgh! Purr!

The VIP tent is highly recommended.  We were able to apply because we are subscribers to the magazine.  We were their guests and treated like Very Important Runners.  Thanks Runner’s World Magazine Australia.

Next it was definitely time to shower and rest.  But skip the rest part, Pauly and I had my Dad to take to the football.

I nearly fell asleep in the first quarter zzzz I was so tired!  Etihad Stadium was packed.  Fortunately I’d pre-booked seats because I didn’t want to take my chances with not having a seat for my poor tired legs, I mean I wanted to make sure that my aged parent, Dad, had a seat!  Yes, that’s why I pre-booked, for Dad, not for me!  Louie, Grant and Karlee had to stand up.  I don’t know how Louie did it.  Janette didn’t come. Was she resting?  No!  The was shopping to be done.  Retail therapy was calling.

Dad and Pauly at the football.  For a Kiwi Pauly managed to follow the game and quite enjoyed it although I’m sure he won’t admit it.

That night, after another lovely dinner with the crew including the Happy Couple, we went for a walk down Southbank.

I allowed myself the most delicious cup cake.  It was chocolate with an oozy, goozy, sweet, delicious filling just underneath the velvety vanilla frosting…. Man it was good!

Apart from Team Quackers and my parents my lovely sister-in-law and brother-in-law came over to Melbourne from New Zealand for the party.  They got up early and clapped and cheered us on the run too.  Here we are at the iconic Koko Black in Royal Arcade in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.

And here is Mum enjoying a hot chocolate too.

All up a wonderful weekend.  Perhaps not the most ideal combination of events for running fabulousness but the best combination for making the most out of life, enjoying the company of special people and making wonderful memories.

Happy running 🙂

This weekend it’s the Launceston Running Club’s Scottsdale to Bridport Half Marathon.  Our very first half marathon back in 2013.  Since then we’ve clocked over 20 so have decided to stop counting.  If I can do all this running stuff, guess what?  Anyone can!  I don’t think this half marathon will see a PB, but it will see running far, happy and always.

12 thoughts on “Run Melbourne Weekend in Pictures

  1. Wow! What a busy weekend, I feel exhausted just reading about it!!! Though the post run massage looks good – enough to make me want to take out a subscription !!! Another daughter soon to be married, congratulations! ( busy busy ……!)

  2. What an amazing weekend! The VIP area looks lovely, could have done with that after my latest event, was a bit chaotic in the recovery area 😉
    You sure fit a lot in, enjoy your half marathon this weekend!

    1. Thanks Sam x the VIP was so good, highly recommended. The magazine is worth the subscription just for that. What’s this I read that you are P2Ping again! And not long after an Ironman??? You’re amazing!

  3. You know you are a true runner when you can run a half marathon after a big party and then do another the following weekend! That is very impressive I have to say. The VIP treatment looks super and well deserved. So great that you got to meet Debbie. Most of all congratulations to the young couple. the fairy tale story sounds so heart warming. Perhaps a children’s book in the making?

    1. Thanks Sue x it was a special weekend. There is a book called Princess Smartypants by Babette Cole. I sort of took the idea from her but also from the fact that Isabelle is your typical Legally Blond uni student. Hair and makeup always in place. No need for anyone to help. Totally self-sufficient. She is teaching while she does her PhD and when first meeting people they assume she is a student but as soon as she takes command they are left in no doubt she is the teacher. She is my funny blond baby hehe

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