My Crush – Perth Marathon 2018

I have a crush.  A big crush.  In fact, I’m in love.


I’m in love with running.

Running is there even when I don’t love him*. Running has introduced me to wonderful people. Running has taken me on holidays and trips and places that no one else would even think to take me.  Running has helped me improve my physical and mental wellbeing.  Running in fact is the perfect man.

And Running never gets crabby with me!  If I ever gasp got sick of Running, he’d be there next time I wanted to hook up totally forgiving and like I’d never been away.  Swoon.   Sigh.  Float.  Yes.  I am in love with Running.

In our quest to run a marathon in every state and territory of Australia and the North and South Islands of New Zealand, recently the Quackers flew all the way from Tasmania to Western Australia for the Perth Marathon.  Whereas Tasmania is embracing the frosts, storms and freezing temperatures of Winter, Perth is all about sun and temperatures around 20°C.  The most challenging thing about this marathon would be the abrupt change from freezing to warm.

Louie and I at the Expo.

The Western Australian Marathon Club organises the Perth Marathon.  There are two events on the day:  the full marathon and a team marathon that has four designated changeover points.  There were about 700 runners on the Sunday.  On the Saturday The Club had an Expo where we collected our bibs.  Right from the start of the Expo until the end of the presentations on the Sunday, The Club and all their volunteers couldn’t do enough to support runners.  There was one volunteer for every two runners!

Sunrise Marathon morning.

I wasn’t sure how I’d go. While I hadn’t had a falling out with Running I wasn’t feeling my usual gushy closeness.  I hoped for a sub five hour finish but secretively I thought 5:15 would be more like it.  I was determined to convert some of my usual walk breaks in the later stages of the race to slow runs.  I went out faster than usual quite deliberately to take advantage of being fresh.  After 10 marathons I know that I will slow down in the last half no matter if I go out hard or sensibly so I may as well take advantage of the cool of the early morning as well as rested legs.

The course was beautiful!  The Swan River flows through Perth; we ran beside it the whole way, first one way, over a bridge and back, then up the other way over a  bridge and back.  When the going got tough I enjoyed the sights and sounds.  Early on I was running with a chatty chap who gave me pointers about certain spots on the course and that I should tuck in behind a runner to shelter myself from the headwind.  It was a little windy.  A light breeze.  It was cooling and lovely!  Tasmanian runners are at a distinct advantage due to our extremes of weather.  But it did get warm.  It was 23°C on the day, that’s something we’re not so good with.

I managed to come in just sub five hours and was ecstatic.  I have more work to do to translate walk breaks to slow runs but during Perth Marathon I felt I had some major wins over the voice that says I can’t and the voice that says I can.  Pauly was just under four hours and Louie just over.  Louie wasn’t feeling the Running Love on the day so her result was awesome considering how she was feeling.  Grant, Janet and Bruce were cheer squad.  All up Janette walked about 20kms going from point to point to cheer and support.  We are a three truly blessed little ducks to have such wonderful support.

Check out the size of the medals! HUGE! Pauly had a sub four hour lanyard and Louise and I over four hour lanyard. There is about 50 minutes difference between the two lady duck times though!
Louie, Dewey and Huey.

After the marathon I had a stay with Brown-eyed Daughter #1 and met Grandpuppy for the first time, Charlie the Red Kelpie.  I read books, went for walks and a couple of runs and was extremely well fed.  I was happy to discover that I didn’t need a seatbelt extension on the way home!

Cottesloe parkrun the following week – 54th over the line 🙂

It’s lovely to be home.  Sydney Marathon is coming up in an alarmingly small number of weeks and before then we have Run Melbourne Half Marathon.

Sigh.  Running ❤ I do love you to bits!  If you’re currently not so in love with Running, don’t worry, you’ll get it back and Running won’t mind at all.  He’ll be there when you’re ready.  Sometimes it’s not about love, it’s about commitment and getting it done.  What really matters is that we keep trying!

Happy running 🙂

*I’m an Australian Baby-Boomer.  I don’t go for all that getting rid of the male pronoun thing.  You won’t find someone who supports the whole concept of equality of the genders than me, but taking man out of everyday words is taking things a bit too far.  Running for me is a male.  But Running is so fabulous he could easily be a she too ❤

10 thoughts on “My Crush – Perth Marathon 2018

  1. I can’t help but smile reading your post Annie. It just oozes such joy and positive attitude. Congratulations on your amazing time. Wowza girl anything is possible for you.

  2. Love you Anniebabes… and OMG that pic with you and your furgrandbaby is just the cutest! I am hoping to find my running over again… and I agree, he most def makes me happy when he is on form 🙂 😉 xxx

  3. I’m glad to hear that team quackers is still up and running! If running was my lover he’d be feeling a bit neglected and wanting some TLC! He might need a bit more than a candle lit dinner to show me how he feels though! But true love never dies💖😘😘

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