A little catch up

Just like the spring flowers in our lovely cottage garden, I’m popping up unexpectedly to say hello.

Hello 🙂

At the start of the year I said that I would pop up from time to time after a run or event.  There’s been quite a few since the Perth Marathon.  The trouble is work has been overly hectic, the garden entices me to weed (I enjoy the meditative nature of weeding), the hodgepodge of colours on our cottage walls have called me to paint and the computer – well the computer sits ideal, forgotten in the corner of Pauly’s TV room.

But here I am.

What’s been happening?

Run Melbourne

July saw the Quackers fly from our island home of Tasmania over to Victoria for Run Melbourne.  What a day.  Cold.  Threatening rain.  A little breezy.  The vibe of the run was warm and friendly and we had a GREAT time.  We were all in the VIP Runners World Tent again.  This is open to anyone who subscribes to the magazine and while the magazine is fabulous, a subscription is worth it just for the opportunity to be a VIP at Run Melbourne.  This is one of our favourite events for all of the above and more.  It was our first ever big city event and now it’s an opportunity to enjoy a trip to Melbourne, shopping, dinners and drinks out and time out from the real world.

The run itself was pretty good for all of us.  Janette ran with me.  Her first event since Cadbury Half in January.  She is coming back to running after a severe case of plantar fasciitis.  Her perseverance to find  the right treatment and to get back running has been inspirational to us Quackers.  It was a slow run from her but she did it and supported me through too (anyone would think I was the one with hurty foot!).  Louie and Pauly had pretty good runs too.

Launceston Running Club

Pauly and I have got to all the LRC runs that we could this season.  The Scottsdale to Bridport Half Marathon was a few weeks ago.  This year the wind stayed away.  My time was faster than Run Melbourne even though Run Melbourne is flat and this event is hilly!  This was Pauly’s and my first ever half marathon so it has a specialness to it.  It was a fun day out.

Another win for Pauly

Yes.  Another win!  LRC’s Longford 8km event saw Pauly go through the ribbon.  This is the third time in six years; he’s won it every second year.  That means a trophy for Pauly as well as for me to collect at the Club Dinner next week.

What’s coming up?

This Sunday is Ross Half Marathon.  Known for its windy cold conditions, this can be a challenging event.  We’re ready.

And then in two weeks Pauly and I are off to Sydney Marathon.  The week before that I’m off to the Australian Council of Adult Literacy Conference representing my work.  I’m a bit chuffed about this but not so chuffed about the timing.

Running hasn’t been easy of late but we are getting it done.  With health issues (hypothyroidism sucks), work stress, ongoing farm stress that still isn’t over and generally not feeling 100% both Pauly and I haven’t been running as well as we’d like to be.  But we are running and that’s what counts.  A new mantra I’ve been using is getting it done, getting it done.

Tomorrow at 9am Eastern Australian Time I’ll be sitting at our computer desk signing Pauly up for the Tarawera 102km ultra marathon, March 2019 in New Zealand.  We are both excited about this one.  This is Pauly’s much cherished dream.  This event is on the Sunday.  I’m running a 20km on the Friday.

This is a quote from the Tarawera web site:

With 20, 50, 102 and 160k(100 mile) options there is something for everyone (who likes running or walking, possibly crawling in beautiful places). Make sure you find out what’s included in your race entry, what the course is like and if the event fits your needs. Now, throw all common sense away and enter a race you don’t know you can finish. Where’s the fun in trying something easy?

Throw all common sense away?  Isn’t that what runners do each and every time we put on our shoes and head out the door?  The couch calls.  That list of jobs calls.  The motivation waivers.  Those that don’t run think we’re nuts.  Where is the fun is trying something easy?  Do we get that same sense of achievement from doing something ordinary?  No we don’t.  No matter what that distance or event is, if it challenges us, it builds us not only as runners but as people.  We learn that we are capable of more and our concept of self is exploded.  Along the way we meet those people who at first are running buddies but through the effort of running, sweating and trying together become firm and special friends.  Oh running, you give so much more than fitness, I’m so glad I found you ❤ 

And now I’m off to do a few jobs to get ready for The Quacker Running Planning Event.  I have a stack of Runners World Magazines and a wish list of events.  Tonight at 6.30pm the wine will be poured and the pens will be ready to map out some running plans into the future.

Running certainly does add life to our days.

Happy running 🙂

4 thoughts on “A little catch up

  1. Lovely to hear your news Annie. I hope you both feel better soon with spring definitely on the way now. All the best for your coming events. 😊 I like your mantra too by the way.

  2. You’re certainly been keeping busy with all your races despite running having to take a backseat sometimes to that annoying thing known as life! I’m so sorry to hear the farm is still giving you both stress and hope this is resolved soon.
    And I love the race promo “enter a race you don’t know if you can finish” that really should be a motto for life really!
    I love the words of encouragement from

  3. So happy to log in and see a blog post from you Anniebabes! You are my inspiration… yip Hypothyroidism sucks big time, but man you just get on with stuff and that is so inspirational to me…
    Gosh you HAVE been busy on all fronts! Loving your pics of M&M too… they are adorbs and then some!
    Pauly’s Tarawera 102km ultra marathon sounds like much fun… may be a good thing i don’t live nearby, i tend to just sign up for things and deal with it when the time comes…. 102km sounds like TOUGHIE though… phew that is FAR!!!!! Love their description! 🙂
    take care hunnybuns XXX

  4. Lovely to see you here Annie. I keep hoping that stress will final be settled and you and Paul can be on to a new chapter without it. You continue to inspire with your get it done attitude. 102km?! Wowza!

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