Me and the Kenyans – Sydney Marathon 2018

Sydney Marathon 2018 and I’m spending time with the Kenyans.  Not only that I overtook them.  True.  In the lift.  I got out first.  Well I was in the front of the lift so it was only logical.

Haha 🙂

The Kenyans who were competing in the Sydney Marathon last weekend were staying at the same hotel that we were.  And the lift example was the only time I was in front.  They smoked the marathon.  But then again, in my own kind of way, I smoked it too.

After a week in Melbourne at the most wonderful work conference all about adult literacy I was tired and hadn’t eaten the best of food.  Pauly arrived in Sydney on Friday morning and I arrived early evening that day.

After a wonderful dinner on Darling Harbour we walked back to the hotel.  Signs of the marathon were dotted around.

Saturday afternoon we went to a matinée performance of the musical Jersey Boys.  We loved it!  This is Pauly music.  He loves it and he plays it often.  We chilled out completely.

Sunday morning.  Here we go.  Marathon number 13 *.  The plan was to give it my best shot and try to convert some of my post 30km walks into runs.  I did that.  I felt great almost all the way.  I put this down to three things:

  1. Experience.  I’ve done this before.  I can do it.  Respect the distance. Believe in yourself.
  2. Fueling.  Well timed and appropriate.  I did it well on Sunday.
  3. Thyroid.  I have Graves’ disease.  At last my thyroxine top up seems to be almost right.  It made a huge difference.

I felt great.  Whereas anything over 15kms I can start to lose it, this time I was pretty ok all the way.

The first column is the km number and the last my pace per km.  To see a 6 in front of the minutes up to the  32km point has been unheard of.  I’m so grateful to my GP who has worked at getting my thyroid levels correct.   I’ve felt like a human pin cushion over the last few months but it has been so worth it!

There was nothing left though, the course had all my energy so much so that a paramedic came over to me as I crossed the line.  A PB of just over a minute.  I said to Pauly that I’d like to be in the 4:40s and I just made it – 04:49:15.  Most marathons though I’ve been just sneaking in under five hours so really this was a pretty big PB for me.

It was the feeling good that made it wonderful.  To be running that far and feeling ok was the best feeling ever.

Memories from this marathon?

  • At the 6km point a busker was singing Oh What a Night 🙂 this was just after going to Jersey Boys.  It made me smile.
  • The pre-start toilets – most revolting I’ve ever experienced.
  • Zooming down Oxford Street at the 23km mark and passing lots of runners!
  • Having a portaloo stop at the 28km mark – even worse than the pre-start ones – first time I’ve had to stop during a marathon.
  • Feeling great the whole way: happy and upbeat and can-do.
  • Meeting the Kenyans in the lift.

Pauly had a great run too.  Not a PB but seeing as though he’s been flat-out managing a 750 cow dairy farm during calving he did really well.  He came in just sub four hours.

With this marathon I’ve finished a marathon in every state of Australian and the North and South Islands of New Zealand.  There is the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory to go.  Up until Sydney I was literally counting them down and wishing them done.  Now I’m not so sure.  If marathons can be like Sydney maybe I’ll keep going for a while…but who knows.  Never say never!

Today it was time to give back a little.  Janette and I had a cheer spot out on the Launceston Marathon course.  This marathon has four laps with a bit of an out and back in each lap.  We were located where we got to see the marathoners eight times.  It was lovely to cheer runners on and make them smile.  The play list?  Motown featuring some Four Seasons!  Thanks Janette for your wonderful company;  it was so much fun!  This is the second year we’ve done this and I think it will become a bit of a habit for us.

We were going to be cheering our little Duckie Louie on but unfortunately she has the worse case of the lurgy ever!  With a marathon in South Australia only a few weeks away she made the difficult but best call ever to withdraw.

So dear runners, if you’re not running at your best and you think that something isn’t quite right go and see your GP.  It’s only because Pauly nagged me back in December to go and have some tests done that my metabolism is almost back to normal.  They say women nag, mmm well, you haven’t heard my Pauly when he thinks I should do something.

What’s next?  A little walk in the iconic trail event Triple Top (it sold out in less than 24 hours this year).  This will be quite the Quackers Day Out with Louie and Grant and Pauly and I out for a waddle up and down those three mountains.

Happy running 🙂

*13 marathons?  I made bit of a boo boo but I’m going to run with 13.  I included Bruny Island 64km Ultra in the number.  After thinking about it I’m glad that I did.  Sydney was the 13th time I’ve run 42.2kms 🙂 go me.  Who would’ve ever thought that I could do that?  Certainly not me!  Anything is possible but the first thing we have to do is try.

Monty and Marvin hanging out in their hammock – they’re not so much into marathons but do love a marathon bird watching effort from their hammock.

7 thoughts on “Me and the Kenyans – Sydney Marathon 2018

  1. Congratulations Annie. Thirteen is a huge achievement … and a PB! Woohoo!!

    I didn’t realize you had been struggling with health issues. I’m glad to hear that you are now stabilized. Keep running, my friend!! 🙂

  2. So fabulous not only that you had a PB but that you felt so good doing it. Fabulous that your health is super now. Congrats Annie and ugh to the nasty porta loos.

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