Adrift without a captain

Like the Mary Celeste adrift in the Atlantic Ocean so Unsporty Women Can Run is adrift in cyber space.  Abandoned.  Alone.  No captain.  No crew.  Occasionally the google currents cause someone to bump into a post and have a read.  The stats tell me this.  At the moment Bruny Island Ultra posts and Point to Pinnacle posts are receiving some traffic.  Whether or not the readers find them helpful I don’t know.

At this point in time I have running plans.  I am running and getting it done.  It’s not that great though.  Habit gets me out the door.  Habits are good.  Running buddies get me out the door too and I thank them for their patience.  I like being fit and I like being running fit and the only way to be running fit is to run.  Hence I run.

This is a little update to say I don’t know when I’ll be back.  Unlike the Mary Celeste this is not an unexplained desertion; this is my note to say thank you to those people who have patiently followed along in my running story and that I am ok; right now I don’t have much to say about running.

Happy running from me to you 🙂

18 thoughts on “Adrift without a captain

  1. Thank you Annie for posting this. I must admit I had dropped off commenting on your posts, it’s not because I did not read them, it just sometimes came down to meaning to comment and then not finding the time.

    I am glad you are okay and still running.

    It has been a big year for you.

    I am grateful for having some across your blog and having met you twice. You inspire me so much and I have loved reading of your adventures with your running crew.

    I have shared your blog with many people, hoping it inspires them to run too.

    I wish you all the very best and hope to one day see more blog posts, but I completely understand that maybe sometimes you need a break.

    Love to you and your beautiful running crew xxxxxx

  2. Nice to hear from you Annie. Hope all is well and that you get back into blogging when you feel like it. Miss your bright and cheerful inspirational posts. Take care. Deb xx

  3. I haven’t read blogs for a long time, but when your notification showed up my feed, I took a read because I hadn’t remembered a post for a long time.

    I am the same way. I rarely blog. I just don’t think anyone cares and have re-evaluated why I post at all.

    Best wishes, keep running and inspiring, however you choose to do that!

  4. 😘😘😘 you’ve been through A LOT Anniebabes… when thevtime is right your beautiful writing will just come back xxx love and miss you xxx

    1. 🙂 perhaps x there is so much to do at our new place and the computer is in a little corner and it just doesn’t inspire me…that’s part of it and work has been busy so there is rarely the opportunity for a sneaky wordpress moment.

  5. Glad to know you are doing all right Annie. I’m with Joanne maybe there is a different topic that might reignite your blogging. Most importantly just do what feels right for you. Sending hugs.

  6. Been forever, and I’d dropped my WordPress blog as well…until now. Decided to resume as a way to do some different writing from the day job. I remember your excellent accounts of your running life, and so here I am, touching base again.

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