Buy in

Sitting on the couch on Sunday night as the weekend faded away, Pauly asks Do you think I’ve done enough training? 

I pondered this.

After some moments I suggested that he’d stuck to his plan and completed his long runs.  I suggested that being in gum boots for long hours on uneven surfaces and lifting and moving, dragging and pulling, bending and reaching all day everyday meant that his training, while perhaps not the norm, had been thorough and constant.

Then I got out Andy Mouncey’s So you want to run an Ultra.  I love this book.  It makes ultra running seem all so doable.  It has lovely little summaries at the end of each chapter.  I skimmed through these, read aloud the relevant points, shut the book and looked at my husband and said Yep!  I think you have done enough training.

Key points from Andy’s book

  • Be at the start line healthy – better to skip a run or do less and be under-trained than injured and unhealthy at the start line.
  • Look after your feet!
  • Keep equipment simple.
  • Practise, practise and more practise of fuelling.
  • It’s not so much running as moving and covering the ground.
  • Do you have supporters?  Is there someone with buy in?

Pauly has somone with buy in.  Me.

Pauly is signed up for the 102km event at Tarawera next month in New Zealand.  He can ask me questions about his training because I am intimately acquainted with his running and all things Tarawera.  I printed an A3 course map so I can study it.  I’ve bought him the gear for each of the A, B and C gear lists*.  I’ve bought him not one, but three head torches.  With a 16 hour expected completion he’s going to have to start with a torch which he can drop in at check point one.  Then I have head torches for the last two check points before the finish in case he’s going to be longer than 16 hours or the battery fades.

I have 100% buy in.  Looking on from beside Pauly, I can’t imagine even attempting an event like this without someone close to support, encourage and in Pauly’s case organise him!  Andy suggests that without someone with buy in then don’t attempt an ultra.  It tends to take over our lives both the runner and the nearest and dearest.  I’m so proud of Pauly for the goal he has set.  I keep telling him that he’s going to be ready to be at the start line, then to do his best!  And whatever happens he is a winner!  (I have a GPS tracker for body recovery so I know where he is).

Yep buy in.  Such an important element for anyone into running.  We need our supporters, our mentors and cheer squads.  As we step out of the ordinary and attempt new things we need to know that there is someone who has our back.

The buy in for me is like a ripple.  I’m the big drip in the middle and around me are ring upon ring of people with buy in to my running.  This buy in is one of the main reasons that despite feeling like quitting, I didn’t.  Never under estimate the cheer or word of encouragement.  May we receive them when we need them and may we always be ready to give them and be that person who buys in at just the right moment.

Happy running 🙂

PS Cadbury Marathon in four sleeps.

*Tarawera has three gear lists that will depend on the weather.  They will tell runners at the briefing the day before which list they need to stick to.

4 thoughts on “Buy in

  1. Pauly has the ULTIMATE ‘buy in’ in you Anniebabes!!!’ Sheesh if I ever attempted anything more than 18km I’m bloody flying YOU OVER HERE 😉
    Happy running Cadbury’s!!!! Can’t wIt to hear more plans for Pauli’s ultra!!!! GO QUACKERS!!!!

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