Cadbury Marathon 2019 – that’s a wrap

…or a wrapper.  A chocolate wrapper.  Several chocolate wrappers eaten on the way home from Hobart to celebrate.

How did the Quackers go on what was a pretty warm day (25°C)?

Pre-Marathon munching

Janette – a wonderful return to running (after a long healing process due to an epic and enduring case of plantar fasciitis) with a just over 2:00:00 half marathon ❤

Louie – a just over 4:00:00 marathon, always running strong ❤

Pauly and I?  Let me tell you the story.

Pauly is training for the Tarawera 102km ultra in less than four weeks.  He says he needs to  slow down and have more time on his feet.  This he did by running with me.  I was his slow pacer.  But really he was my slow pacer.  He’s been helping me with my running endurance on long runs and trying to keep me at a slower pace.  Rather than starting out too fast then hitting the wall, he’s helping me to go slow and keep on running without walk breaks.  We did this today.  We ran together.

The finish line – we can taste the chocolate.

Despite a portaloo break I managed a course PB.  2015 marathon number one at Cadbury and marathon number one ever:  5:12:03.  The wheels fell off way too soon and I walked a lot!  Today Cadbury Marathon number two and 14th ever:  4:55:50.  That’s a course PB of 16:13.  Not a marathon PB but still a PB.  There was little walking but much slow plodding that got the job done.

Going slower has meant an increase in my endurance and enjoyment.

Pleased with the run? Oh yes. Just a bit.

Starting today I had unfinished business with Cadbury Marathon, today that business is all wrapped up, wrapped up in sweet chocolatey happiness of running all the way with my Husband.

Well done to everyone at the 36th Chocolate Run.  Run, walk, plod – if you started you are a winner.  If you got to the finish line on a warm summer day, you should be extremely proud.  Put your feet up and enjoy all that goodie bag chocolate.

Happy running 🙂

A dip in the river to help with post-marathon recovery – nah, because it was 28°C when we arrived home so we pottered down to cool off.
Look who stars on the front cover of the Event Guide ❤ A photo from last year’s event.


22 thoughts on “Cadbury Marathon 2019 – that’s a wrap

  1. Great to see you both out there, was amazed you recognised me. It was a great day, perfect conditions. I was happy with my effort in the Half, had lots of injuries all year and only just got over ankle injuries . It’s all down to eating the chocolate tonight. Well done on your Marathon.

    1. Thanks John and very well done to you. Glad to hear that you’re injuries recovered in time. Here’s to an injury free 2019!!! I know that chocolate from yesterday will help 🙂 Look forward to seeing you at the next event!

  2. Well done to you all, great to hear that you had such a good run and that’s a fantastic PB!
    I remember reading how you felt about your last Cadbury marathon and it’s lovely to hear you had such a positive run alongside Paul 💗

    1. Thanks Sam 🙂 it was a bit of a shocker the first Cadbury Marathon. I’m so glad I gave it another try. Got rid of so many demons! Thanks as always for your encouragement. I’m looking forward to hearing how you go at the next Ironman coming up! You are a superstar!

  3. There is so much to like in here – a nice day for a race, chocolate, a PB, a result you were happy with (ironically, we’re not always happy with our PB) and running with Pauly. Sounds like everything came together perfectly 🙂

    btw – I don’t consider a 4:55 as plodding along 🙂

    1. Thanks Joanne 🙂 If I’m honest I was hoping for an outright PB but a course PB is more than good enough. One day I might break the 4:45:00 time but then again maybe not. It was a definite course PB and most importantly a PB in feeling good and enjoyment. We aren’t supposed to compare ourselves to others but perhaps because my closest running friends are all sub four or just over four hour marathoners I feel like a plodder. It’s about getting it done and this time this marathon has left me looking forward to the next one not dreading it. Thanks so much for your lovely words of encouragement. They mean so much xxx

      1. Not exactly going to plan right now, ongoing issues with my shoulder and super low iron levels are adding to my poor training but I’m plodding along!

      2. You make a good point. We do compare ourselves to the company we keep. I felt the same way being surrounded by really good athletes. I always felt like a wannabe instead of simply appreciating the fact I was doing it.

  4. Bravo to everyone and especially to you my friend. It sounds like you are finding contentment with running. Must be that new name? Well done girl. Lovely that Pauly ran with you and kept that pace steady. 14 marathons. I so remember when you did the first. Wow!

  5. I’m glad your unfinished business with Cadbury is now finished, that was a great course PB, it was pretty warm out there. Well done 😄 Another lovely Quakers weekend xo

  6. Woo hoo, well done you! Those pics say it all, look at that cheeky grin. A fun time had by us all … and I’ve NEARLY eaten all the choc we got in VIP. A great start to 2019. Let’s see what else is in store…

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