The Quacker Code

The Quackers have a Code.  The Code decrees that anything said immediately after a run is not gospel and that a Quacker shouldn’t be held to anything they say at the time.  A Quacker is allowed to change their mind.  Here’s what two Quackers had to say after The Rail Trail Run and Ride event yesterday.

Let me back track a little to show you what lead up to these utterances.

After much mulling over the 2018 results of the 54km ultra I decided to enter the 27km event.  There appeared to only be gazelle and antelope class, no corgi and armadillo class.  I felt I wouldn’t go fast enough.  I was assured by organisers that this wasn’t the case and that they would stay at the finish for as long as it took runners to complete the course.  Louie and Pauly entered the 54km and I entered the 27km.

2018 was the event’s inaugural year.  It’s a small event in a small town in eastern Tasmania Australia.  It takes in some wonderful scenery of bush and farmlands.  It really is pretty.  The 54km event starts and finishes in Scottsdale, the 27km event starts at the top of what’s called the The Billycock (a thumping big long hill).  The ultra runners have to run up and down, the 27km runners are bussed out and run down.

Walking to the start – hydration backpacks under coats

There they are at the start.  It was -1°C.  Cold!

Louie and Pauly had a great run up.  I saw them when they had 1.5km to go to the turn around – my starting point.

Quick photo of the three of us before Louie and Pauly continued up and I kept running down.
This is the elevation of my 27km run

I had a pretty good run.  The scenery is beautiful.  It’s quiet. There are few runners so most of the time I was on my own.   I ran all the way to the 19km point then had a few short walk breaks.  I hoped to run the 27kms in sub three hours which I did 2:53:09.

I expected Louie and Pauly to zoom past me.  They didn’t.  While their run up was pretty awesome (2:40:00 ish), their run back down wasn’t so good.  At 43kms in Louie was feeling pretty tired and wondered if she should be more like the Lovely Daisy (Janette) who isn’t as quacked in the head as the rest of us and didn’t enter this one.  Pauly was experiencing cramps so they ran walked the last 10ishkms.  They made it.  5:58.01.

After some coke, lemonade, some hot chips and an egg and bacon roll the Ultra Quackers were much happier.  We visited a local art gallery café for hot chocolates and carrot cake to make sure the driver (me) would have enough energy to get everyone home safely.

What’s not to love about a run in the bush complete with wonderful volunteer marshals and enthusiastic event organisers?  We won’t hold Louie and Pauly to their words.  I’m pretty sure we’ll be back next year and it will be my turn to have a try at the 54kms.  And you never know Daisy might not be washing her hair that day and come too, then again she might have to paint her nails – we shall find out next August.

Happy running 🙂

How does a Quacker keep warm pre-start?  I would love to show you a video clip of Louie dancing, but I can’t work out how to rotate the video.  Imagine some interesting waddling about and you have the idea.

8 thoughts on “The Quacker Code

  1. What a great day we had ( well most of it ) such a beautiful trail run, lovely friends and lots of chatting.
    Thanks for being the driver Dewey and next year is now a maybe 😂
    One day I hope you write a book about all our great times it would be so funny xo

  2. Well done duckies, you all did VERY WELL. I’ve looked ahead to the 2020 calendar and it says that I’m mowing lawns and walking the dogs, hehe. That elevation map is rather epic!!! Hope the quads have pulled up aok!! J xxx

  3. What a great day ( well most of it ) Beautiful trails,lovely friends and more run/ holiday planning.
    Maybe I might consider doing it next year if all the girl Quakers do 😂 ( yes Daisy I mean you )
    Thanks to Dewey for driving us xo

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