Week two of The Flow

Week two of The Flow and the weather’s been hot and dry, that is except for Friday morning.  Friday morning after days of heat there was a frost!  Alas the cooler weather didn’t last, I’m currently sitting in 32°C heat.  Where ever did that frost come from? Unlike the grass in this photo the lawns…Read more »

Going with the flow

What to do next?  How can I shake up my running and introduce a bit of zing? Go with the Polar Flow.  Polar Flow is the web site associated with my Polar M430 GPS watch.  I’ve noticed the program section of the web site but until recently hadn’t explored.  I took the plunge into The…Read more »

Buy in

Sitting on the couch on Sunday night as the weekend faded away, Pauly asks Do you think I’ve done enough training?  I pondered this. After some moments I suggested that he’d stuck to his plan and completed his long runs.  I suggested that being in gum boots for long hours on uneven surfaces and lifting…Read more »