Tasmanian Running Events

Last Updated February 2017.

Some events have been changing months due to weather.  All care is taken to keep this page as up to date as possible.  If you are looking for a specific Tasmanian event and can’t find any details please ask, I might be able to help.

Every Saturday
Launceston parkrun – 5km – Launceston (free)
Hobart parkrun – 5km – (free)
Devonport parkrun – 5km (free)


Cadbury Marathon – 1km, 5km, Half-Marathon and Marathon – Hobart (running and chocolate!)


Hobart Run the Bridge – 2km, 5km and 10km – Hobart

Nile 10 Mile – 10 Miles, 5km and 1km – Evandale (The last running of this event was in 2015)

Gone Nuts 101 – 101km, 50km and 25km – Stanley


Run Devonport – 1km, 2.5km, 5km and 10km – Devonport

Tassie Trail Fest – A long weekend of trail running events and seminars – 2km, 6.5km, 14km, half and full marathons – Derby

Convicts and Wenches – 50km, 25km, 12km – Narawntapu National Park at Greens Beach

King Island Imperial 20 – 32km, 8km – King Island

Mona Gasp! Fun Run and Walk – 8km and 4km – Glenorchy (the 2017 event isn’t going ahead)


Round the River Fun Run and Walk – 10km, 5km and 2.1km – Hobart


Mother’s Day Classic – 4km (walk and run) and 8km – Hobart

City to Casino – 11km (run), 7km (walk and run), 2.7km (run, primary school children) – Hobart

Kingston Beach Fun Run and Walk – 5km – Kingston


Launceston 10 – 10km, 2km and 1km – Launceston


Glenorchy Fun Run – 2km, 5km and 10km – Glenorchy


Launceston Running Club: INTAS Half Marathon – 21.1km – Scottsdale to Bridport

Budget Hobart Fun Run – 2.5km, 5km – Hobart


Women’s 5km – 5km – Launceston

Ross Marathons – 1-2km, 10km, Half-Marathon and Marathon – Ross

Westbury Fun Run – 4kms and 8kms – Westbury (my first ever fun run and my first ever 8km run – 2011).  Unfortunately this event has been discontinued as of 2016.

Flinders Island Running Festival – 2km, 5km and 26km – Flinders Island


Run for your Heart – 5km – Launceston

Run for a Wish – 6.4km – Launceston

Burnie 10 – 10km – Burnie

Bridport 10+ Fun Run – 10km – Bridport

Beach to Bay Fun Run – 2km, 6km, 9km – Strahan

Balfour Burn – 400m – Launceston


Ringarooma Fun Run, Ringa 10 – 10km and 4km – Ringarooma

Triple Top Mountain Run – 19.4km run/walk – Mount Claude, Van Dyke and Mount Roland – Sheffield

Point to Pinnacle – World’s Toughest Half-Marathon – Hobart – The Unsporty Woman’s ultimate running goal in 2013, a special gift to herself for her 49th birthday.


Bruny Island Ultra – 64km – Bruny Island

Run Series

Endorfun Tassie Trail Runs

Ultrain Trail Series

Virtual Run

Kms4Kids – any distance – any time – any location


If you would like an event considered for inclusion please leave a comment on the page with the details.  Thank you.

Happy running 🙂

15 thoughts on “Tasmanian Running Events

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  2. Hello, found this page & love it. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Another great run is the Round the River from Lindisfarne to Howrah to be held on Sunday 13th April this year. I did this one last year for the first time and it is a very picturesque 10k run around walking tracks and along beaches. Hope to see you at a run soon. Cheers, Christine.

  3. We are an Australian sports bra business called Sixty4. We develop our own bras. We do lots of running events…is there a running event in T
    asmania that would work for us?

      • Hello Margot 🙂 I’m sure there would be. The Women’s 5k is an obvious one. City to Casino is a larger event – I’d have a talk to the Tasmanian Road Runners or the Tasmanian Sporting Events who organise the Women’s 5k amongst other events in the state 🙂 Good luck! (Links to events and organisations are above).
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  7. Hi I wondered if u know when lilydale lope is in 2016 . I’m from victoria but my 80 yr old mum is a tasi tiger from lilydale many years ago . Lots of my relos still live there . I have tried googling it but can’t find it . Thanks if u can help

    • Hello Rose, thanks for the message, sounds like this event would be special for you to run 🙂 It’s a lovely course, hilly but beautiful and scenic. Lilydale Lope is a run that the Launceston Running Club puts on as part of their calendar. The Club runs from March through to September usually. The calendar of events isn’t out yet. If you look up Launceston Running Club and keep an eye on their site you’ll be able to find out as soon as it’s published. The AGM isn’t until end of January, beginning of February so I’d think the calendar will come out shortly after that. To run this event runners must become members of the Club but that’s not difficult or expensive, it’s also a handicapped event so you’ll be asked your 5km and 10km PBs. We’re a very friendly bunch and it would be great to meet you. I hope I’ve run this event twice but didn’t get there last year due to other commitments. I hope that helps. If you’d like to ask anything else please do!

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